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This is a Livejournal community for the musical group the Shins. For more information on this band, check out these links: Subpop Minisite, Oh! Inverted World Site, Chutes Too Narrow Site, & Official Band Site.

Image posts, links, reviews, questions, discussion, etc. are all allowed as long as they remain on topic and courteous to other members. Any posts that are inappropriate will be deleted. If you are looking for band recommendations try this post or the Shins' allmusic profile.

Feel free to promote this community, but please credit invertedworld it if you take any of the userpictures or style settings.

Edit (March 2, 2005) - Please do not make posts promoting communities, websites, bands, etc. unless you have taken the time to make your post pertinent to the Shins and specific to this community. From this point on, posts that don't follow that rule will be deleted without warning. Also, before you post, please note that a number of members have this community listed as a friend. If you can, take a minute to look through previous posts to make sure the same question/comment has not just been asked just to avoid repetitive posts.

Edit (April 24, 2005) - The Shins have an official message board, click here to view.

The original Shins community since 2002.