nobody knows I'm Benedict Cumberbatch (148km) wrote in invertedworld,
nobody knows I'm Benedict Cumberbatch

New album: Wincing The Night Away

Wincing The Night Away

1. Sleeping Lessons
2. Australia
3. Pam Berry
4. Phantom Limb
5. Sea Legs
6. Red Rabbits
7. Turn On Me
8. Black Wave
9. Spilt Needles
10. Girl Sailor
11. A Comet Appears

Scheduled release: January 23, 2007
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so stoked.
I ordered from the subpop site and they are giving my brother a free copy of the album as well.

he's so lucky to have me as a sister....

I'm so excited for this album; I've only heard two songs so far and they're amazing.
the rest are amazing, too.